Mosaique Consulting offers the hire of specialists within 

  • IT and digitalization
  • Finance and management
  • Engineering disciplines and geo-disciplines

We have contributed to the development of exploration departments and project departments with several major players. Our consultants have good benefits, which ensures stable and long-term employment. Get an overview of our available consultants here: #getyourheadabovewater


#digitalization? Reduce development time!

Mosaique Consulting can offer individuals or entire team of developers / digitization experts. Our team has experience with PLS and HMI programming of drilling systems, integration of remote control rooms and code generation for automatic updating of control systems, drawings and forms. Our technology and tools can be transferred to most areas in need of  digitization. This means a lot of time and money saved for our customers and will increase the capacity of the development teams. Our developers have experience and expertise in Siemens S7, Omron, OPC UA, .NET, Java, C ++, C # and Python.


 Mosaique Consulting has a broad customer network in IT, digitalisation, oil & gas, engineering, finance and management. Our clients regularly need specialists in their dedicated areas. By connecting with highly qualified freelancers, we seek to meet the needs of our customers. Freelancers may register at freelance.no to stay updated on coming opportunities.